Under Armour Alter Ego Gear at Eastbay: Up to $17% Off!

by Ryan on March 18, 2014

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Under Armour Alter Ego Captain America Baselayer Shirt
Regularly: $44.99 Check it out!

Under Armour Alter Ego Gear at Eastbay: Up to $20 Off!: When I played competitive team sports back in high school and college, my teammates and I would regularly create custom made t-shirts to go under our uniforms before a big game. They would often feature crude drawings (and even cruder language!) about the horrible things that we were going to do to our opponents that day.

We were convinced that those t-shirts gave us an extra advantage, almost supernatural speed and strength to a certain degree – so I can see what Under Armour was going for when they created the Alter Ego baselayer collection featuring graphics from popular superheroes like Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America, Green Lantern and The Flash. They are awesome!


UA Alter Ego “The Flash” Football Cleats
Regularly: $139.99 / $119.99 with an Eastbay Coupon!
Check em’ out!

Kids (and grown up kids, too) absolutely love these, and Under Armour also has matching football cleats and socks to complete your transformation.

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See all the Under Armour Alter Ego Boy’s Gear

Looking for something not so form fitting? Check out Under Armour’s entire collection of graphic tees at Under Armour.com, including those for women and girls.

Order over $120? Get a 17% Off Eastbay coupon!

These coupons are listed as “ongoing,” but may expire at the end of the month. Click over to our homepage if it has expired, or if you’d like to see our other coupons.

Writing this post I was reminded of that scene from the original Teen Wolf movie from the 80s where Michael J. Fox’s character transforms into his alter ego, The Wolf, during a basketball game…and no one runs, or seems to panic at all. Rather, he goes and dunks the ball, and all the fans cheer. I mean, this guy changes into a hairy beast right in front of you, and you don’t haul ass out of there? Am I thinking too much into this? Ahh, the 80s – so much awesomeness.

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