Jordan Release Dates: Keep on Top of the Latest Drop!

by Ryan on April 7, 2014

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Jordan-release-headerJordan Release Dates: Keep on Top of the Latest Drop!: There are a myriad of ways to find out about the latest offering from brand Jordan – and you can be sure that with the rapid rate at which Jordans are released, there is always something hot in the not too distant future.

My best suggestion is to take a look at the Release Calendars of certain online merchants who sell a lot of Jordans. This will give you a heads up WEEKS in advance of what is about to roll out. Not all merchants drop the same shoes at the same time, so it’s a good idea to bookmark the following pages in your browser as they are the merchants that offer the most Jordans:

Release-Calendar-Foot-LockerFoot Locker Release Calendar

Go back a month to see what was recently released, go forward a month to see what’s coming. The Foot Locker Release Calendar also features good blog commentary on some of the more high-profile Jordan releases.

Release-Calendar-FinishLineFinish Line Release Calendar

The visual impact of the Finish Line Release Calendar is great – they display a large image of the shoe and give a pretty decent description as well. Just like the Foot Locker Release Calendar, you can go back a month to see recent drops and and go forward a month to see whats coming.

Release-Calendars-EastbayEastbay Release Calendar

I really like the Eastbay Release Calendar because you’re able to go back over a year to review what Jordans were released. And while most of the shoes that far back are are sold out, you can occasionally find a hot shoe that is still available at a great price.

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