Improve Your Game With the Eastbay Athlete Resource Center

by Ryan on March 25, 2014

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Improve Your Game With the Eastbay Athlete Resource Center: I really wish something like the Athlete Resource Center was around when I was playing competitive sports in high school – it’s an awesome collection of content including articles, videos, buyers guides, performance reviews and training tips to make you a better athlete. Kids today have it so easy with their fancy internets!

Some of the best features at the Eastbay Athletic Resource Center:


Get the Right Shoes for YOU:
One of the most helpful features of the Athlete Resource Center is the Shoe Finder. This handy-dandy interface lets you narrow down the huge selection shoes at to the specific ones you need based on your sport or event, gender, surface, and even if you have any specific mechanical issues, like over or underpronating. The Shoe Finder only currently has 2 sports to choose from, Track and Field and Running, but given the huge variety of shoes out there, it’s nice to have some recommendations.

Eastbay-athletic-resource-center-close-the-gapEver wonder how you stack up against other elite athletes?
Check out the “Close the Gap” feature at the Eastbay Athletic Resource Center. It allows you to put in you stats (shuttle runs, 40 yard dash, vertical jump, etc.), select your position, see how you compare, and then watch videos to to get bigger, faster and stronger. This would be a great training resource for a coach as well, especially to give players specific recommendations on how to improve during the off season.

Sneaker Performance Reviews:
Another awesome feature is the Athletic Shoe Performance Review section. Before you lay out your hard-earned money on sneakers, it’s always good to do a bit of research. This page is a great resource to get the low down on the latest basketball, running and soccer shoes. If you are an elite athlete or the parent of one, you should really spend some time here to ensure that you are making the right decision before purchasing athletic equipment online.

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Eastbay is the Place to Shop for Elite Athletes

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